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" I have to say that I used real plaster moldings throughout my house, despite my architect recommending wood and MDF. It was the best decision I made in whole project. The plaster is gorgeous-and it looks like nothing else. "
- a quote from the Brownstoner forum

Whether you want to complement the architecture and design aesthetic of your home with an original molding or emulate an existing design, we are able to create and install the perfect plaster crown molding to highlight any room.

Crown moldings completely enhance the appearance of an ordinary room to a remarkable level of beauty and decoration. We can work with you to determine the best molding design to accompany your room’s décor. Our design selection consists of our own original moldings as well as copies of preexisting motifs, some dating to the mid-nineteenth century.

There are many advantages in choosing plaster as the medium for your crown moldings. Since plaster is the only molding material that is also used for the filling, it produces a seamless final result. Plaster molding is durable, reinforced to ensure strength, and will not shrink or warp in any environment. It is also fireproof, mold resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Once completed, plaster moldings accept a variety of finishing treatments including painting and gilding. From simple, beautiful designs to the most intricate detailed work, plaster crown moldings will add a traditional, elegant architectural element to your home

A. Crown Moldings

We make and install crown moldings of any shape and size. We can use our own design or reproduce any old molding that is already present in your house. Pictures below showcase projects completed by our company.

Prices include molding casting, installation and a prime coat. These prices are for an average room (perimeter 60 feet, area 200 sq. feet) with a fireplace and four corners - total of eight turns of moldings. That is one turn per 7 1/2 feet of molding. If room has more then one turn for every 7 1/2 feet of molding, extra charge for every additional turn will equal to price of two feet molding. Prices for entrance rooms, halls, stairways and stairway corridors are 50% more than average room prices considering extra labor involved for these rooms. 

Molding 1.

10" P x 7 ½" H

First picture (1a) shows room parlor before the installation. On the second picture (1b) installation of crown molding is completed and installation of decorative molding is in progress. Photo 1c shows the same room after installation of center medallion (36 inch in diameter and 6 inch deep). The last picture (1d) shows the original parlor room design sketch.

1a.       1b.  
1c.       1d.  

Molding 2.
9 3/4" P x 6 ½" H 
2a.       2b.  

Molding 3.
9 1/4" P x 7 1/4" H 

Reproduction of old crown molding from a Cobble Hill Brownstone.
3a.       3b.  

Molding 4.
8 1/8" P x 4 1/8" H 

Reproduction of old crown molding from a Brownstone.
4a.       4b.  
4c.       4d.  
4e.       4f.  

Molding 5.
12" P x 6" H 
5a.       5b.  
5c.       5d.  

Molding 6.
6 1/4" P x 3 1/4" H 

This molding is a good choice for small rooms and low ceilings. It is suitable for bathrooms and basements.
6a.       6b.  
6c.       6d.  
6e.       6f.  

Molding 7.
7 1/4" P x 6 1/2" H 

Reproduction of old crown molding from a Brownstone in Brooklyn Heights.
7a.       7b.  

Molding 8.
2 1/4" P x 4 1/8" H 

8a.       8b.  

B. Plaster Moldings for Geometrical Design

We make moldings in any design and install them in countless ways.

Prices include molding , installation and a prime coat  

Molding G1.

Design #1

3 1/2" P x 1 5/8" H 

G1a.       G1b.  

C. Ornamental Crown Moldings

Molding OR1.
11 1/2" P x 13" H 
OR1a.       OR1b.